We closed the studio to keep our clients healthy and safe from coronavirus. 
We hope you are feeling alright!

Meanwhile we are asking your help!

If you able to help us with any amount of payments - feel free to do so with next options:

- Bank transfer
- PayPal transfer

You can write your email with the payment description, so in future we will book room for you for your amount of donation.

Or you can just skip description if you don’t need the room and just want to support.

Bank details for transfer:
Castalian Spring GmbH GmbH
DE45 1009 0000 2631 7230 07
Bank: Berliner Volksbank Berlin

Email for PayPal transfer:

Thanks for your support!
We will beat coronavirus and we hope we survive with this economical situation.

If you have any questions – feel free to call 

+49 15 222 768 409

or email us

We hope we will be open soon.
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