Lockers for your stuff

At the studio you can rent locker for your equipment, clothes or whatever you want

Want to practice here each week for 2 hours or more? We have special offer for long-term rehearsals! 






We closed Castalian Spring till it would be safe for you to practice here. Meanwhile it’s hard time for us, so it’s impossible to survive without your support.

If you able to help us with any amount of payments - feel free to do so with next options:

- Bank transfer
- PayPal transfer

You can write your email with the payment description, so in future we will book room for you for your amount of donation.

Or you can just skip description if you don’t need the room and just want to support.

Bank details for transfer:
Castalian Spring GmbH GmbH
DE45 1009 0000 2631 7230 07
Bank: Berliner Volksbank Berlin

Email for PayPal transfer:

Thanks for your support! We will beat coronavirus and we hope we survive with this economical situation.

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We are closed! 
Stay home and keep safe.
All your unpaid booking will be canceled, all your paid booking will be postponed or canceled and we will return payments. 

Please contact us tomorrow if you didn't receive our email or call. 
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We are still open but run studio with some special care for you.
- we are washing and cleaning microphone grills after each practice 
- additional ventilation of the studio
- soap is in the bathroom for your hands like always
- we are cleaning the studio every day
- you can cancel the booking anytime and we will make full payment return

Please come if only:
- you feel yourself healthy
- you choose the room wisely, with enough space for you and your band mates 
- ready not to shake hands of the admin 
- don't touch your face
- sneeze into napkins

If you feel cough or high temperature – call coronavirus hotline on (030)9028 28 28.

Stay healthy!
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We have a nice
discount system

We have special discount for those, who booked more than 100 Eur at once! Of course if you want to take "subscription" for month or more - we can deal more than that. Just don't forget to contact us, when you would take your rehearsal time for next time and we will figure it out.