Lockers for your stuff

At the studio you can rent locker for your equipment, clothes or whatever you want

Want to practice here each week for 2 hours or more? We have special offer for long-term rehearsals! 




We closed until 15.02.2021

Sorry everyone! We closed until 15.02.2021!
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We need your support again!


Government cannot provide enough help to close all expenses. We are still trying to collect enough help with our friends and relatives, but still we need crazy amount of money for insurances, rents and taxes (if we could not pay for that, we’ll have troubles later when we would getting permission to stay and work here).

So we again are asking you to help!

This time we will use your donations as self-credit of the studio – in this case it won’t be income. So government will see that we have no income and hopefully will provide help in February. 

So please use these accounts for your donations:

  1. Bank details for transfer

Maksim Kulsha

DE84 1009 0000 2631 7160 00


Bank: Berliner Volksbank Berlin

  1. Email for PayPal transfer

What we can offer to you in return?

  1. Book the room for your amount of donation for the future
  2. Give our t-shirts/bags (it costs minimum 15 Eur)
  3. Just try to survive and provide excellent service and equipment for your future non-covid-days in Berlin. 

Please fill the comments with your transfer so we would know what would yo expect. 

Thanks for your support!

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Closed until 31.01.2021

Due to new regulations we have to be closed until 31.01.2021.
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We have a nice
discount system

We have special discount for those, who booked more than 100 Eur at once! Of course if you want to take "subscription" for month or more - we can deal more than that. Just don't forget to contact us, when you would take your rehearsal time for next time and we will figure it out.