Lockers for your stuff

At the studio you can rent locker for your equipment, clothes or whatever you want

Want to practice here each week for 2 hours or more? We have special offer for long-term rehearsals! 




Half-an-hour start for Weird Room

From now you can book Weird Room from half-an-hour only (11:30, 12:30, 13:30 and so on till 22:30). 


Just book it online or call.

If you already booked Weird Room before this news, you have no change at your time schedule. 

This change help us to avoid queues at the hall when all bands are changing the same time.

Thanks and see you!

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Istanbul Mehmet cymbals

New Upgrade!
At Comfy Room we have Istanbul Mehmet hand-made cymbals set.

What set you can play now at Comfy Room:
Origin Dark HiHat 14"
Origin Dark Ride 22"
Traditional Crash 16"
Traditional Crash 18"

All our rooms soon will have these wonderful cymbals but another series. Thanks to Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and Musik Wein GmbH!

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New amp in Unholy Room

Some great news for ourt second biggest room. Beside Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Marshall DSL40c - you can play new VOX AC30C2 at the Unholy Room now.
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We have a nice
discount system

We have special discount for those, who booked more than 100 Eur at once! Of course if you want to take "subscription" for month or more - we can deal more than that. Just don't forget to contact us, when you would take your rehearsal time for next time and we will figure it out.