Lockers for your stuff

At the studio you can rent locker for your equipment, clothes or whatever you want

Want to practice here each week for 2 hours or more? We have special offer for long-term rehearsals! 




Closed 16/12 - 10/01

Don’t freak our, it’s only
from 16.12.2020 till 10.01.2021
  • If you booked and paid for the practice these period – please contact us, and we will return payment or postpone your rehearsal.
  • If you need something from your locker – contact us and we will open for you to pick up your stuff.
Take care and don’t get COVID19!
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December COVID 19 rules

According to the current Infektionsschutzverordnung the following contact restrictions apply until 22.12.2020. 
Using Castalian Spring is only permitted with 5 persons max. of your own and one different household -  only professional, commerical or educational rehearsals may exceed this. Please mind our hygiene rules and staff advises at check-in.
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Recoding, mixing and mastering

We do it all. Our Sound-Engineer Oleg is 10-years-experienced professional in different genres of music. He is touring as sound engineer, working at the studio, working as sound producer. 

Prices, equipment list and details are here:
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We have a nice
discount system

We have special discount for those, who booked more than 100 Eur at once! Of course if you want to take "subscription" for month or more - we can deal more than that. Just don't forget to contact us, when you would take your rehearsal time for next time and we will figure it out.