At Castalian Spring we want you to have the best rehearsal you can. Our helpful staff are always on hand to help with any technical difficulties. Here you have free Wifi access, snack & beverage bar, also you can buy strings, etc. To find out more about the rooms click on ‘full view’ below each room. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Obscure Room

  • Mo-Fr before 6 € 12
  • Mo-Fr after 6 € 15
  • Sat-Sun € 13

Our special room for the most mysterious, heartbreaking and deepest sounds. No bright colors, no visual distractions - just you, your music and a bit of darkness. Welcome back to black.

Unholy Room

  • Mo-Fr before 6 € 15
  • Mo-Fr after 6 € 18
  • Sat-Sun € 16

Size: 26 sqm and 4,5 m ceiling. For real atheists who refuse to worship musical coryphaeuses and ready to sell their souls for a damn real good track.

Cellar Room

  • Mo-Fr before 6 € 7
  • Mo-Fr after 6 € 9
  • Sat-Sun € 8

Size: 15 sqm and 2,67 m ceiling. We believe that music could even save someone’s life: when you want so badly to smash someone right in the face, you’d better smash walls of our most aggressive room with your own sound.

Weird Room

  • Mo-Fr before 6 € 13
  • Mo-Fr after 6 € 16
  • Sat-Sun € 14

Size: 23 sqm and 4,5 m ceiling. This one is as difficult to describe in words as your music. We know only one thing: it’s open-minded for any kind of sounds.

Comfy Room

  • Mo-Fr before 6 € 17
  • Mo-Fr after 6 € 20
  • Sat-Sun € 18

Size: 38 sqm and 4,5 m ceiling. It’s so cozy, relaxing and “feels just like home” place that your usual rehearsal will more look like a break with only one difference : it’s going to be very musically productive. Like you come to visit your beloved grandmother which wants to help you to make the best recording in the entire world.