Castalian Spring

Rehearsal rooms

At Castalian Spring we want you to have the best rehearsal you can. Our helpful staff are always on hand to help with any technical difficulties. Here you have free Wifi access, snack & beverage bar, also you can buy strings, etc. To find out more about the rooms click on "Full view" below each room. We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Cellar room


  • FOH speakers DB-Technologies B-Hype 12
  • Desks Soundcraft EFX 8
  • Drums Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Beckensatz (hihat, 2x crashes, ride), Ludwig Supralite snare 14"x5.5", Yamaha Stage Custom Studio Set HA 20",10",12",14"
  • Guitar amps Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Marshall JCM900 50W Hi Gain Dual Reverb combo
  • Bass amps Fender Rumble 500W
  • Mics Shure SM58 x2
  • Effects Built-in effects
  • Room size 15 sqm, ceiling height average, 2.67m
  • Features Air conditioning, ventilation, free wifi


We believe that music could even save someone's life: when you want so badly to smash someone right in the face, you should better smash walls of our most aggressive underground rooms with sound of your music. Practice with your band here as hard as you can.

Existing special lightning for the ceiling will help to create a specific deep atmosphere for bands or solo to work in. It's the smallest room, but the acoustic design will impress you!

It is perfect for trio practicing. Room is around 15 sqm (near 3m wide by 5m deep), ceiling height average 2.67m.

The room has Tama Imperialstar drums with Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Cymbal set, guitar combo Marshall DSL40c and Marshall JCM900 combos, bass combo Fender Rumble 500, PA system with mixer and mics.

At main hall we have chill out/waiting area, snack-zone, toilet. All our rehearsal studios are fully ventilated and air conditioned, with heaters. Free Wifi. Drinks and snacks shop. Long and short term storage available. Full range of backline hire available. All prices include VAT.