Castalian Spring

Rehearsal rooms

At Castalian Spring we want you to have the best rehearsal you can. Our helpful staff are always on hand to help with any technical difficulties. Here you have free Wifi access, snack & beverage bar, also you can buy strings, etc. To find out more about the rooms click on "Full view" below each room. We’re looking forward to meeting you.


Serene room

  • FOH speakers Alto TS 408
  • Desks Ant Antmix 8 Fx
  • Drums Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Beckensatz (hihat, 2x crashes, ride), Yamaha Stage Custom Studio Set HA 20",10",12",14"+ Snare 14x5.5"
  • Guitar amps Voc AC15C1 Combo
  • Bass amps Ampeg SVT Micro Bass amp +Ampeg SVT-210AV Bass Box
  • Mics Shure SM58 x2, Shure SM7b
  • Effects Built-in effects
  • Recording equipment Beyerdynamic DT700, Neumann KH 120 A, NI Komplete Audio 2, Rode Rodecaster Duo
  • Other AOC 24” HD screen
  • Room size 13 sqm, ceiling height average 2.7m
  • Features Band practice up to 3 members. Solo rehearsals 11:00-23:00 any day. Mixing and recording area with professional monitors, proper acoustic treatment, podcast studio, air conditioning, ventilation, free wifi


Main idea of this room is to practice alone, or with a small band of up to 3 people total. You can use Yamaha Stage Custom Studio Drumset 20",10",12",14"+ Snare 14x5.5" and a basic set of cymbals Istanbul Mehmet Traditional (14” hi-hat, 16” crash, 20” ride). Also Vox AC15C1 for guitar and Ampeg SVT Micro Bass amp +Ampeg SVT-210AV cab for bass. Mixing desk here has up to 4 mic inputs and 3 stereo line inputs.

Beside that you can produce your music in that room. Recording, mixing or mastering – just bring your laptop and use our Neumann KH120A monitors, NI Komplete audio 2 interface, Rode Rodecaster Pro I and external AOC 24” HD screen. Acoustically treated working corner with a cozy chair and table is waiting for your hits. And don’t mind making your podcast show in the room: sound card, mics, chairs, cozy vibe – you can find it all here.

The Serene room is located upstairs and has two windows.